Chavurah Organizational Meeting

December 31, 2014

Come one! Come All!!

Please come to the organizational meeting of Congregation Am David’s Chavuruh at the Schlesingeres on Sunday, January 11 from 4-6pm where wine and cheese will be served. Please RSVP to Mike Schlesinger at mikeschles123(at)gmail(dot)com or call him on his cell at 914-815-1002 if you can attend so that we can plan accordingly.

Some of the activities planned for the Chavuruh are listed below, but we need your input as well:

1. Attendance at sports games such as basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis matches, etc.

2. Joining Mark Sweberg for walks guided by him.

3. Attendance at plays, movies, concerts, etc.  Rhode Island has great theater whether it be Pipac, Trinity, Gamm, or community theater.  At the theaters, concerts, etc. you can obtain special rates to attend.

4. Mike Schlesinger makes wine and liqueurs; he has a friend who makes beer.  He plans to make wine and liqueurs at his house in Cranston (96 Ocean Avenue) teaching everyone how to do it.  One of his specialties is making fruit wines. He also make Limongello (this can be made in one session). His friend will also provide instruction on how to make beer.

5. Mike Schlesinger knows the news director at Channel 10: the news director wants to give us a tour of the station, meet the news people, etc.  Given the status of the world today, it will be fascinating to have a discussion with the news director about the world.

6. A knitting club. Mike Schlesinger belongs to the Rhode Island Yacht Club and every Monday night they have a knitting club meeting. Mike Schlesinger is sure that they would welcome members of our Chavarah and shul to join them.

7.  Poker night, Mah Jongg, bowling, etc.  Meeting at someone’s house, bar or the shul to watch the World Series, Super Bowl, play offs, etc. Also, have a pizza night out plus try various restaurants.  A ROMEO (“Retired Old Men Eating Out” club) can be formed.  If anyone knows a Persian restaurant, Mike Schlesinger would love to go there.  His oldest son lives in Orange County, California and because a number of Iranians have settled there, there are a number of Persian restaurants. Mike Schlesinger reports that various dishes are sumptuous.

8.  Lectures by members of our group, shul and members of our community.  There is an up and coming playwright named Kevin Broccoli and Mike believes he can have him speak to our group. Nora Ravens, a friend of Mike Schlesinger, who helped design and build the sukkah on display this past fall at Beth El has agreed to give us a lecture on the sukkah plus a guided tour of the Steel Yard where the  sukkah was built. Mike Schlesinger is into artistic welding and will gladly demonstrate how one can instantaneously create art with metal, make jewelry and for those who like to make pottery, Nora can show you how easily this is done.

9.  There are great cooks in our shul; thus, it is contemplated that various members of our congregation will teach us how to make special dishes.  Mike Schlesinger would love to learn how to cook plantains, Persian food plus make some Serphardic, Cuban and Chinese dishes.

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