B’nai Mitzvah

Here is some basic information of what to expect while attending a Bar or Bat Mitzvah (plural is B’nai Mitzvah) service at Temple Am David.

The Ceremony / Service

During B’nai Mitzvah ceremonies, we welcome a young member of our congregation as an adult in the eyes of the Jewish community.

B’nai Mitzvah usually lead the congregation in the service, chant from the Torah, and give a D’var Torah (commentary on the Torah portion). He/She also chants a Haftarah from one of the books of the prophets. From this day on, the Bnai Mitzvah will accept the adult obligations of wearing the tallit (prayer shawl), being counted as part of a minyan (quorum of 10 adults required to recite certain prayers), having the honor of being called up to the Torah, and being responsible for tzedakah (giving to those less fortunate).

The service will last approximately 2 ½ hours. There are 4 main parts to the service. The Preliminary Service, the Shacharit, the Torah Service, and the Musaf.

Kiddush and Ha-Motzi

Please join our family for Kiddush (blessing recited over wine) and Ha-Motzi (blessing recited over bread) and luncheon in the Social Hall immediately following the service.

Out of respect for our Temple customs, we ask that all guests to please note the following:

  • All men must wear a Kippah (head-covering) at all times in the Temple.
  • Woman honored with an Aliyah are required to wear a head covering.
  • Out of respect of the Sabbath, use of cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices is prohibited anywhere in the temple building. Please DO NOT USE these devices.
  • Photography is not permitted anywhere in the synagogue on the Sabbath.
  • Applause is inappropriate in the Sanctuary during the service.
  • Please remember that you are attending a religious ceremony. Proper attire is required and appreciated.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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