Parent Guide

Click here for a printable PDF: ParentInfoSheet2014-2015-Revised2

Temple Am David’s educational programming has been designed with the input of our members to provide the skills necessary to be life-long participants in the Jewish community. Our goal is to provide a meaningful Jewish education in a comfortable environment that accommodates the needs of students from Kindergarten through B’nai Mitzvah. We work to instill in our students an understanding of Jewish values so that, as they grow, their sense of being Jewish and being a respected and appreciated part of the community will grow as well. Please take some time to read through this guide and post it in a conspicuous place in your home. This guide is also available on our website at

Religious School Team
Rabbi Richard E. Perlman, Director,
Susan Sugerman, Asst. Director & Hebrew School Teacher,
Ellen Shaw, Hebrew School Teacher,
Diane Cerep, Hebrew School Teacher,
Becca Dinerman, Hebrew School Teacher,
Andrea Allgood, Eunice Zeidman (E-Z) Pre-School Teacher,
Jeanine Silversmith, School Committee Co-Chair,, 569-8758
Meredith Daniels, School Committee Co-Chair,, 241-5709
Joyce Kelly, Administrative Assistant,, Herb Singer Office, 463-7944

School Policies

Attendance – Regular attendance is essential. We have a limited number of classroom hours in which to achieve our goals. Please ensure your child attends regularly, arrives promptly, and stays for the duration of class. The E-Z Pre-School meets on Sundays from 9:30am-12pm. The Hebrew School meets on Sundays from 9:30am-12:30pm and on Tuesdays from 4-6pm. Occasionally, the start and/or finish time for Religious School will change for a special event; changes will be posted on our online calendar and parents will be notified.

Communication – All school news and events will be posted on our Temple calendar on the website ( and through our Temple e-newsletter. Be certain that you are on our mailing list by signing up under the header “Stay in Touch” on our home page.

Pickup/Drop-off – If you arrive more than 15 minutes prior to the start of school, please remain with your child until school begins. All Hebrew school students should report to the Chapel when classes begin. All E-Z Pre-School students should report to the classroom. Please pick up your child when school ends. We cannot guarantee that we will have staff available after 15 minutes from class dismissal time.

B’nei Mitzvah Class – Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons are scheduled for 9am each Shabbat morning. We encourage class attendance 1.5 years before the Bar or Bat Mitzvah. We require attendance 1 year before. Parents should attend Shabbat services as well. This not only sets a good example but will also properly prepare you for your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Food in School – Kosher snacks are provided for the students on Sundays (a $45 snack fee is assessed per family to cover the cost). No outside food or gum is permitted.

Conduct & Discipline – Our teachers are uniquely qualified to reinforce positive behavior and handle discipline in an appropriate fashion. After an incident occurs two times, the child will be sent to the School Director for a discussion. If the Director feels the incident warrants a discussion with the parent, such action will be taken.

Religious Services – Attendance at services is a valuable part of a child’s Jewish education. E-Z and Hebrew School students should attend Junior Congregation on the High Holidays and regular services on other holidays such as Simchat Torah (Oct. 16) and Purim (March 4). In addition, please make every effort to attend our Family Shabbat Services; they are fun and family-friendly. These services are held on Friday evenings at 6pm (March 13 and May 1).

Other School Events – To foster an understanding of Jewish customs and traditions, we will have several events that usually take place during Religious School hours and are just as important as classroom work. These events include Sukkah decorating (Oct. 5), Hanukkah party (Dec. 14), Purim carnival (March 8), model Seder (March 29), and school graduation ceremony (May 17). More information to come.

Cancellation – For the most part, school will be cancelled if the Warwick Public Schools are cancelled. An email will be sent out to our mailing list (see Communication above) and a note will be made on our Temple calendar. In addition, you can call the Temple office 90 minutes prior to the scheduled class or check local TV or radio stations.

Parent Support – To achieve our goals, we need your support! Please adhere to the school policies outlined above and attend the parent meetings (today & January 11). We ask that you give a couple of hours of your time throughout the school year by assisting the school committee co-chairs with school events. A signup sheet will be circulated. In addition, you are invited to our “Parent Shadow Day” (April 12).